Domo Robot Helping to Clean Up


Robot Domo Making a Drink

Humanoid Robot Domo Helping with Chores

Introduction to Humanoid Robot Domo

Assistive robot adapts to people, new places

In the futuristic cartoon series “The Jetsons,” a robotic maid named Rosie whizzed around the Jetsons’ home doing household chores–cleaning, cooking dinner and washing dishes.Such a vision of robotic housekeeping is likely decades away from becoming reality.But at MIT, researchers are working on a very early version of such intelligent, robotic helpers–a humanoid called Domo who grasp objects and place them on shelves or counters. Domo the robot lends Aaron Edsinger its helping hands.
MIT postdoctoral associate Aaron Edsinger gets some help from Domo, an assistive robot he has been developing for the last three years. Photo / Donna Coveney Continue reading