Amazing dancing Japanese Robots



Robot Medic Will Deploy by 2009, according to DARPATech

 One of the first announcements at this year’s three-day DARPATech conference is going to be hard to top: the first portable self-contained surgical robot will be deployed in the next two years. Brett Giroir, director of the research agency’s Defense Sciences Office also announced that the system, called Trauma Pod, has successfully “treated” a mannequin during a test, with no complications.Read the article at Popular Mechanics 

Autonomous Vision-based Exploration and Map

This video shows the progress of a robot as it explores a real-world environment. It uses a stereo camera (and no other sensors) to detect obstacles and localize itself. It makes its own decisions about where to go, based on its expectation of the value of visiting any particular location. The environment is an indoor planar lab, about 20m on each side. Hat tip to Simra 

Our Civilization: Robotics

This will not be an invasion of Intelligent Machines, but rather it will be an expression of our own Civilization. – Ray Kurzweil


Technological Future: Human Evolution

Life and intelligence must never stagnate; it must re-order, transform and transcend its limits in an unlimited progressive process. Our goal is the exuberant and dynamic continuation of this unlimited process… – Max More