New version amazing robot asimo


Monkey With Robot Arm

A monkey has a microchip in its brain which allows it to move a robotic arm as if it were its real arm, without any visible effort.

Starfish Self Modeling Robot

Starfish robot has the ability to picture itself in different situations and configurations, and then alter its actions based on what it thinks will work best.

Real Transformer Robot

Danny’s fully automated Lego Rubik’s cube solver

 This robot can automatically acquire, analyze and solve a shuffled Rubik’s cube!



Robots to Save Japanese Culture?

Roboticists at the University of Tokyo and Kawada Industries have made great strides programming complex leg movements in biped humanoid robots with the necessary stability to pull off intricate dance maneuvers. HRP-2, weighing in at 5 feet and 125 pounds, uses a video motion-capture system to record dance lessons replicate them convincingly. In the video below, the robot was able to watch an instructor perform a folk dance called Aizu-Bandaisan and accurately perform it.
Source: Wired